July 22, 2024

Limited Offer - 100% BONUS

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and take your business to the next level, while getting the most out of your ad budget

Setup Fee

To welcome new clients, there is NO setup fee for them - usually there's a $250 one time fee

Minimum ad spend

There is NO minimum ad spend for new clients - usually $1500/mo ad budget required

Campaign Management Fee

There is NO management fee for the first 3 months - after that it's a small 10% fee of the monthly ad spend

Long Term Contracts

There are NO long term contracts, campaigns are managed month to month, you can cancel any time you want


Double Your Ad Budget

For the first month only

We will double the first month ad budget, up to $2000, so the you will get even more for your initial ad spend. So if your ad budget for the first month is $2000, we’ll add another $2000 to it so you’ll get targeted traffic worth of $4000. If your ad budget is just $150, you’ll get traffic worth of $300.

Frequently asked questions

What People Most Ask

Yes, no setup fee, you won’t have to pay anything, except the initial advertising budget cost.

There is no minimum required monthly ad spend – you can start as low as $50 per month, although we don’t recommend it as you won’t get too many clicks and the results / metrics will be inconclusive.

For the first 3 months you won’t have to pay anything except the campaign budget, which will go to the ad networks. Starting with the 4th month, if you decide to continue working with us, there will be a 10% campaign management fee based on the total monthly spend. So if you spend $500 a month on ads, you’ll have to pay us a $50 management fee. If you spend $7500 a month, the management fee would be $750.

Absolutely NOT, no long term / lock in contracts required, you can cancel any time you want, without any prior notice or reason. All campaigns are managed month to month, with upfront payment.

We’re using all the major advertising networks out there : Google (search / display / Youtube), Bing, Meta (Facebook / Instagram), Twitter, Pinterest and a few other display networks. Based on your industry and location, we will select the best network(s) for your needs.

Depending on how much time we have to spend with the communication, research and campaign setup, your ad campaign will be ready in 4-10 days

Most likely YES. Whether you want to promote your ecommerce shop selling to international clients or small local business, we can (and will) drive targeted traffic to your pages. There are some small exceptions like gambling, drugs or anything illegal – but we may have some workarounds for them (except for the illegal stuff)

Absolutely. Advertising networks offers small incentives for new users to sign up. Being a partner agency, we get better offers, which we pass on directly to our client. That’s how we can double your first month’s ad spend and drive more visitors, traffic and sales.

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Sending this for does not create any sort of legal obligation, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to work with us or pay us anything. This is just to get a proposal from us and lock in your 100% ad spend bonus for the first month.

How will this work?

Once we receive your request, we’ll get in touch with a paid advertising proposal and if you agree with it, you can then make a payment and we’ll start working on your campaign. There will be no contracts, you can cancel any time you want (even after the first month).

Make sure to double check that all your contact details are correct, we’ll contact you via email but if that’s not correct, we’ll try to reach out via phone (text / whatsapp or a good old fashioned call).

And if you have a coupon from one of our partners, make sure to enter it in the respective field so you can get an extra bonus (on top of the 100% ad spend bonus)

Submitting this form will lock in your 100% ad spend bonus for the first month (up to $2000) and will get you a free paid advertising proposal. No obligation to purchase or pay anything.